essentially_flowers_logoAt Essentially Flowers we pride ourselves in offering professional accredited and insurable courses in both Flower and Vibrational Medicine and Aromatherapy Product Making.

We offer different ways of learning with us so whether you are new to flower essences, have some experience and want to learn more OR are already qualified and wish to continue learning, sharing and accessing support whilst you build your healing practice, Essentially Flowers Courses can help you.

If you are already qualified and wish to be guided and supported as you set up your healing practice or business, we can also help you via our Create a Magical Business programmes.

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New to Flower Essences ? Or want to learn more before committing to a Practitioner Diploma? Or maybe you are interested in learning about flower essences for your personal use?

Full Moon BlessingsWe run inspirational guided 29 day group journeys several times a year called Manifesting with the Moon. On these guided journeys, you experience an online group experience of setting intentions with the New Moon, taking steps to manifest your vision as the moon grows in size, and then wanes once more. You also get to learn how to make your own flower essence as part of the journey and learn about 4 different ranges of flower and gem essences as part of the experience.

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Would you like to gain a professional, insurable qualification in Flower and Vibrational Medicine that is also accredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association?

Practitioner_Diploma_in_Flower_and_Vibrational_Essences_Essentially_flowersOur Practitioner Diploma has been running since 2011 and we have now graduated over 40 Practitioners. Our Diploma is mainly online and covers 12 different ranges of essences from around the world. It is an Advanced and in-depth qualification that can literally transform your life as well as offering you a qualification.

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How about Creating your own range of Aromatherapy Products using our blends of essential oils created especially for practitioners within energetic modalities? 

ChakraLogoMoonFlowerWe offer a 6 month insurable qualification that is online and fully supported. By the end of the course, you will have your own range of products and be in a position to prepare your range for public distribution should you wish to do this.

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Would you like to transform your healing practice/business into a thriving and nourishing business that is heart-centered and sustainable? 

SaraCYMBVerticalLogo[2]We are proud to be also be able to support you once qualified as an energetic practitioner and guide you forwards to take your beautiful gifts out in the world. If you would like to find out more about our 12 week Create a Magical Business course. please click HERE