Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Essences

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Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine

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An in-depth transformational journey of healing with the nature kingdom – which also gives you a professional Practitioner Diploma. Find your soul purpose and create a personal life and healing practice that allows your heart to sing.

logoAccredited by the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association (BFVEA)

Meet Founder and Lead Trainer – Sara Turner

IMG_3496This Diploma has been written and is facilitated by experienced Flower Essence Practitioner and Trainer Sara Turner, Founder of Essentially Flowers and Create a Magical Business.

Sara is currently the Chair of the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Association.

Sara is passionate about supporting complementary therapists share their gifts with the world and develop healing practices/businesses that work alongside the nature kingdom.

Sara is a Sacred Money Archetype and Money Breakthrough Method Coach.


Is this Diploma for YOU?

  • You are a complementary therapist, healer or coach who wishes to add flower and vibrational medicine to your practice
  • You have a deep love of the nature kingdom and feel called to become an expert in her healing gifts and become an ambassador and bridge for reintroducing this gentle yet profound modality back into our world
  • You are ready to experience a personal profound and life-changing journey that you can pass onto your clients
  • You wish to add a new level of depth to your personal and professional life – enabling yourself and your clients to move beyond old patterns, old beliefs and to become the empowered being that you truly are
  • You want to become an expert in the use of internal and topical flower essences and learn to use multiple ranges of essences from around the world
  • You want an insurable and professional qualification that is also accredited with the British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association
  • You want an online course, allowing you to study in the comfort of your own home and at times convenient to you yet that also offers personal guidance and support
  • You want your healing practice/business to reach many people and to nourish you on all levels – including earning you a comfortable living
  • You are ready to resolve your own life challenges and to emerge from this Diploma as an empowered and gifted healer
  • You feel excited at the prospect of learning at a deep level and have the courage to face all that has held you back in your life so far
  • You want to be part of a community of like-minded, heart-centered people who are taking the journey alongside you

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Below are some of the experiences of our Diploma Graduates…

Jane HarrisI would just like to say that I have found Sara a very knowledgeable tutor – a real expert in her field not only in the flower kingdom but also with her teaching methods.

The support and guidance has been immeasurable and through her encouragement, dedication and understanding of all that has been going on in my life.

I had looked at a number of courses when deciding on embarking on a flower essence journey but Sara’s jumped out the most because of the variety and the linking in of more than one modality.

Having the 3 weekend workshops was brilliant – it allowed the students to come together but also it allowed for space to discuss face to face the flower essences, how one felt after taking the essences and feeling in a safe environment. I feel this is very important on a course like this.

If Sara was to do any further courses – whether from a graduation perspective or a course around her own range of essences, I most certainly would be signing up without any hesitation whatsoever.

– Jane Harris (Diploma Graduate),

Linda PerryThis course is life changing, life affirming and a joy to undertake. What the flowers and gems bring to your life is nothing that you can foresee. The course is supportive, fun, interesting, creative, inspiring and I have made a group of friends for life. The weekends, heart space and webinars have given me the opportunity not only to make new friends but connect with people who I maybe would not have met in any other way and also given me a network of like minded colleagues.

The information provided is informative and easily available whenever you need it. All facilitated by Sara who truly supportive and genuinely cares about how we develop ourselves as much as much as our businesses. Words cannot express the gratitude I have of being able to undertake this course, the whole experience has been life changing personally and professionally and only for the better. I would highly recommend it.

– Linda Perry,

Caitriona HicksI have found it to be one of the most in depth courses I have ever done, I have also found it the most supportive.

Taking the course online has been fantastic, the webinars and the heart spaced gatherings are really informative and I love that you can watch the webinars again if you have forgotten something or you have not got your head around it yet.

The heart space gatherings are a really nice way to get to know the other girls on the course, and to know that you are mostly not alone in what’s going on with you.

The forum is also a great resource. I only have to step into another room and switch on the computer and I’m in class – it saves a lot of hassle!

– Caitriona Hicks (Online-only participant),


The course has been well presented in a logical sequence and easy to follow with support where it has been needed. It was good to be able to learn at your own pace online but equally good to meet up with others on the attended weekends. I feel that I have been given the relevant grounding in the therapy to be able to use it within my existing practise.It has been an incredible journey into the fascinating world of flowers and Mother Nature. I feel humbled and truly blessed to have this knowledge at my fingertips.

I loved coming along to the attended weekends – connecting with the other students and having the shared experience. Learning how to do things like making an essence which brings it all to life and helps you remember it along with the other exercises we do. Talking with the other students allows a deeper understanding by sharing their experiences it cements our knowledge. Its good for people to connect with Sara in person and to tap in to her vast knowledge & experience and experience the support.

Diane Campbell, Diploma Graduate

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Click on the link below to read our Diploma syllabus and prices – for both full attended Diploma and online only



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