At Essentially Flowers we are passionate about helping you to understand and effectively use flower and vibrational medicine in your personal and professional life.

On this page you will find learning resources to help you find about more about flower, gem and vibrational essences and how they can help you move forward in your life. I hope you enjoy learning from them.

Helping your Animal Friends with Flower Essences

Below I share the story of our cat in spirit Marvin Gee, who taught me so much about using flower essences with animals. I also share practical tips about easy ways to use essences with your animal friends.

You can find out all about the range of essences that Marvin helped me create – especially for animals on my MoonFlower Essences site below:


Sara hosts a weekly radio show called NATURE CONNECTIONS on NATURAL HEALTH RADIO

You can listen to some of the amazing people I interview each week about how connecting to nature has enhanced their lives on this page

Enjoy the messages of Mother Nature!


Do you worry too much? If so Sparrow Essence can help…

Sparrow Essence is from the Wild Earth Animal Range of essences. This beautiful range of shamanic ally created vibrational essences is studied on our Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine

Flower Essences to The Rescue

We study 12 different ranges of essences in our Practitioner Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine. One of the reasons a whole range of very different ranges are included is that each range has unique and specific vibration. As a student on our diploma we teach you to recognise the vibration of an essence so that you are able to choose and discern what you and your clients need.

Below I share one of my favourite “rescue type” essences – Emergency Relief from the Fox Mountain range – which we also study on our Diploma.

You can find out all about our Diploma on the link below – our syllabus, prices and experiences from previous students: