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Healing the Heart of All Beings with Marion Leigh/Findhorn Essences

In this Nature Connections show I speak to Marion Leigh, Founder of Findhorn Essences. We discuss how the Findhorn essences can support us all during this time of tremendous change on our planet, and which Findhorn essences can be used to support rescued animals. The theme that underpins our whole discussion is Supporting the Heart.


Helping Animals Heal with Steve Johnson and the Alaskan Essences

I speak to Steve Johnson, Founder of Alaskan Essences. Steve began working with animals, especially dogs, cats, and horses, before he started working with people. His own personal contact with animals taught him that they were intelligent and soulful beings with well-developed emotional capacities. He also felt a debt of gratitude towards the animal companions that had blessed his life with their presence and wanted to give something back. From the outset, he found that animals were generally more responsive to flower essences than humans, and over the years he has seen the positive effects essences can have in a number of areas. Steve feels his work is to not only empower people to use essences from nature to heal their animal friends, but to increase public awareness of what is possible when we expand the circle of healing between the animal, human, and nature kingdoms.

In this interview Steve discusses why animals get sick and how essences can help them heal. He also shares information about the workshops he is running this Autumn with Animal Communicator Judith Poelarends. These workshops are an opportunity for “animal guardians” and those working in the fields of animal health care and animal rescue to learn the effective application of Alaskan flower, gem and environmental essences.




Andreas Korte and the PHI Essences

Andreas is a true pioneer in the essence world and shares many facets of his work – including the potential of essences to clear generational patterns and how he has been working with people affected by radiation in Japan.



Sophie Knock and the Chalice Well Essences

In this interview Sophie Knock gives some of the history of Chalice Well and explains how that relates to the Chalice Well Essences. A strong morphic field of healing and working with the Nature Kingdoms has been established here over thousands of years. Sophie relates how the 9 Chalice Well Essences contain a design for the unfoldment of human evolution and consciousness, providing a pathway through cleansing, alignment, and transformation to self-revelation, wisdom, joy and unity.

We hear how the Chalice Well Essences are created by a resonant group in co-creation with the plants themselves using the waters from this ancient Holy Well. The newest range, called Heaven on Earth, has been made at cosmically significant times, tuning in with planetary and galactic alignments, as well as a new range being created this year based on the Celtic Wheel of the Year with people connecting in around the world.


Ian White and the Australian Bush Essences

In this week’s Nature Connections I speak to Ian White, Founder of the Australian Bush Essences. Ian shares the flower essence research projects that are having extraordinary results in orphanages in Brazil and with children in Belarus. He also speaks about the benefits of using Mulla Mulla flower essence when being exposed to forms of radiation – from x-rays, electro-radiation and radiation therapy.

Listen in to hear how easy it is to use flower essences and what great results you can achieve without specialist knowledge for yourself, your children and those you love.



Steve Johnson and the Alaskan Essences

In this Nature Connections show I interview Steve Johnson, Co-Founder and Director of the Alaskan Essences. Steve describes the difference between flower essences, gem essences and environmental essences and shares the qualities of 3 Alaskan essences which are beneficial for these times – Fireweed flower essence, Malachite gem essence and Northern Lights environmental essence. This is a powerful and profound range and one that is loved by many practitioners world-wide.


Julian Barnard and the Bach Healing Herbs Essences

Julian Barnard is the Founder of Healing Herbs Bach Essences and Author of several books on the life and work of Dr Edward Bach. In this interview Julian shares how he came to work with flower essences, his passion for sharing his research programmes openly and freely and how the flower signature and its environment inform us about the healing message of the flower or tree.


Debbie is a professional Astrologer and a Flower and Vibrational Essence Practitioner. She is the author of the book ‘Centaury for Virgo, Rock Rose for Pisces, a guide to selecting essences by the astrological signs.
As an Astrologer she is passionate about helping clients understand themselves, especially in a spiritual sense, so they can realize their potential and uncover their Soul purpose and path in life.

She cannot praise Vibrational Essences highly enough and uses them in numerous ways to support clients, bring well-being into their lives and assist them to make the most of their opportunities.


In her healing practice in the Devon, Rosemary began to feel that the effect of exposure to electromagnetic fields from everyday electronic equipment was undermining the positive efforts she and her clients were making towards creating a healthy lifestyle. Diet, exercise, positive thinking, healing treatments, were being energetically undermined by constant exposure to an invisible cloud of man-made electromagnetic radiation in the environment.

The energyDOT range of electromagnetic harmonisers was developed as a result. Now, fifteen years on, her work with healing electromagnetic fields to provide protection from the effects of electro-pollution has taken on new meaning in a global situation with huge health implications.

Rosemary is the Founding Director of Phi Harmonics Ltd, producing a comprehensive range of energyDOT electromagnetic harmonisers, available online and through practitioners and distributors around the world. Rosemary also offers Phi Space environmental consultations, a unique and powerful ­­­way to clear and optimise the energetic quality of the home, workplace and public spaces.



Dr Andrew Tresidder is a Somerset GP who believes that the secret of good health lies in the natural world. “Medicine, surgery and pills definitely have their place” he says, “but if you want your health to blossom, you have to build it up in other ways, and not just treat disease”. Flower Essences can help us achieve greater health and happiness.

Dr Andrew Tresidder has been an NHS GP in Chard, Somerset since 1989. His philosophy is to provide the best of orthodox medicine, but also to be aware of the many other factors that influence health. “We don’t have to feel unwell to want to feel better,” he says. “At a profound level, energy from nature – or the feelings it evokes in us – helps us transform ourselves. Flower essences for instance contain a healing vibration that catalyses change and enables transformation on emotional, mental and spiritual levels to take place. In some ways they are the easy accessible self-help tools for personal growth.”

Dr Andrew’s talk draws on his years of practical experience in the South West. “I’ve practiced Family Medicine in Somerset for twenty years,” he says. “In my experience when people feel well, they heal well. It seems that nature has the ability to help us retune ourselves, and help bring us back into balance.” Dr Andrew is the author of I’m Fine! Learning to Unblock Your Emotions and the writer and presenter of the DVD Nature’s Alchemy, which can be seen at the online Spirit Enlightened Festival



Sara interviews Director of the Bach Centre and Author, Stefan Ball. If you love the Bach Essences and want to meet the team that is carrying forward the legacy of Dr Bach and his essences, you will love meeting Stefan.

Stefan discusses how to choose flower essences for yourself, the most Bach popular flower essences in different countries and makes suggestions for essences that can help us all in today’s busy world.

Sara also discusses flower essences that can be used to help gardeners when sowing seeds, transplanting, and to keep your plants and flowers healthy and stress free.


Sara interviews Claire Sierra, Author of the Magdalene Path – Awaken the Power of your Feminine Soul – and discusses flower essences to support the awakening of the Divine Feminine.


In this week’s Nature Connections show we are celebrating Spring Equinox with the help and support of the nature kingdom. Join Sara where she will be discussing flower essences for balance, the colours yellow, lime and green (colours of Spring) and flower essences that can assist the Liver and GallBladder energies. Sara also takes you through a visualisation to meet the Daffodil flower.


Carrie Thomas of Touchwood is a complementary therapist who works in various ways including as a clairvoyant medium. Carrie also is a keen gardener with a particular interest in cottage gardening, and we will hear about her very special love for Aquilegias (Granny’s Bonnets, Columbines). Here in the UK the charity Plant Heritage has its mission to conserve, grow, propagate, document and make available the amazing resource of cultivated plants that exists in the UK. National Plant Collections are forefront in this mission, they are like living libraries, where correctly named plants can be seen naturally growing in gardens. Carrie has both the National Plant Collections of Aquilegias here in the UK, and so you can visit Touchwood to see hundreds of different varieties of these popular cottage garden plants.

Sara also discusses the messages of Spring flowers Crocus and Violet.


In this week’s Nature Connections show I interview Flower Essence Practitioner and Psychotherapist Sheila Hicks Balgobin about the use of flower essences for stress management. We also discuss her own range of flower essences called the Spirit of Makasutu.

Having recently returned from the British Flower and Vibrational Medicine Annual Conference in Somerset, I also share highlights of the weekend and talk about the International Flower Essence Awareness week in June 2014. To find out more please visit


Rosana Souto S. Vieira has trained widely in the field of healing arts, including astrology as well as flower essence therapy. In 1990, she left her original career as a chemical engineer to dedicate her life to helping others. In today’s Nature Connections, Rosana shares with us how she came to work with flower essences, how essences are being widely used in her native Brazil and how we can use flower essences to address the soul in ourselves and our clients.

During this hour programme I also discuss the importance of flower essence rescue remedies and discuss essences that may be useful during times of devastation and trauma.


In this week’s Nature Connections show I have the privilege of speaking to Animal Communicator Anna Breytenbach. Anna is a professional animal communicator who has received advanced training through the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA and has been practising for 12 years in South Africa, Europe and the USA with domestic and wild animals. Anna lives her personal mission of being a voice for the animals and the wilderness.

Anna speaks about how she first began to “receive” messages from the animal kingdom and how her work has evolved now into teaching worldwide. Anna believes we can all communicate with other species and now teaches how to reconnect with our natural intuition.

I also celebrate our relationship with and gratitude for the animal, elemental and devic kingdom and share stories of two felines (domestic cats) who have graced my life – Marvin (on the left) and Barney (on the right) and what they taught me about using flower essences with animals.


In this week’s show Sara speaks to Lila Devi, Founder of Spirit In Nature Essences. Spirit-in-Nature Essences is the oldest flower essence line globally outside the UK. They work by stimulating our positive qualities. These 20 essences are prepared from the blossoms of fruit trees and vegetable plants. Since 1977, their worldwide distribution spans 37 years on every continent with growing success, repeat customers and a fine international reputation. They are committed to ongoing research, analysis, case histories, and direct testimonials and offer dedicated care to people of all ages, and to pets, animals and also plants.

If you’d like to to learn more about this range, Spirit In Nature range of essences is featured in the Essentially Flowers Diploma in Flower and Vibrational Medicine.

Sara also explores the early February festival of Imbolc and flowers and therefore flower essences that are relevant for this time.


In today’s Nature Connections Sara interviews Angie Twydall. Angie’s life’s work has led her to a vocational calling to work with women who have fertility issues, emotional trauma from abortion, still birth, C-sections.  She is grounded in the knowledge of the sexual healing path as a Priestess of Rhiannon, walking the path of love and beauty.  Sara also discusses the vibrations of colour and in particular red, orange and yellow and their ability to bring light and warmth into darker phases of life.




Do you believe in fairies?

In this interview Sarah Jane Alexander talks about her connection with the fairy kingdom and how the fairies have much wisdom for us regarding how we can heal the earth and improve our own health and well-being.



This week on my Nature Connections show I am really excited to interview Teacher, Herbalist and Gardener, Cathy Skipper. Cathy is English and has lived in France for over 20 years. She teaches field botany, practical herbalism, healing plants with plants, wild crafting and herbal gardening at the herbal school in Lyon  and is also one of the founder members and coordinators of a newish international herbal network called ‘Herbalists sans Frontieres.

Cathy’s overriding philosophy and mission in her work is to help people reconnect with nature, the natural world and themselves. She says: ” I believe in helping my students become as autonomous as possible and am an advocate for using the plants that grow around us and making our own medicines”.

I enjoyed every second of speaking to Cathy and I know you will too.

I also discuss the potential of this time of year and how the energy of the moon and the seasons can support us in clarifying and growing our intentions. I speak in particular about Snowdrop and Magnolia flower essences.



In the very first Nature Connections show of 2014 we celebrate new beginnings by looking at the seasons and cycles of nature and how we all access support by understanding and working with nature and her cycles. Sara also offers a short New Year / New Moon visualisation – a space to reset and realign your energies at any time.

I also speak to two of my newly qualified graduates on the Essentially Flowers Flower and Vibrational Essence Diploma – Diane Campbell of The Lavender Room and Linda Perry ofNatural Magick Holistic Health and Well-being. Diane and Linda both share how they feel flower essences can support us and also give suggestions to listeners of flower essences that are supportive as we begin this new year.

December 2013

December 13th

In this week’s Nature Connections show I interview Flower Essence Specialist and CranioSacral Therapist Paul Strode. Paul Strode is M.I.P.T.I. is a flower essence specialist and CranioSacral therapist. He started Wildflower in 1999 with the aim of bringing plant energy medicine to a wider audience as well as an increased awareness to the health giving properties of wild flowers that grow in the countryside around us.

Paul has developed a deeply intuitive connection with nature and through his extensive exploration and research into natural healing methods he has createdWildflower a range of English wildflower essences to aid and nurture our physical and emotional balance.

I also discuss flower essences that can help us all align with the season of Winter – or any season of our lives that requires courage and endurance.

December 6th

In this week’s Nature Connections show I speak to Kinesiologist and Permaculture Designer and Teacher Jo Barker. Jo shares how working with the land has been a passion since she was a child and how this has led her to working deeply with the earth as a designer of Paradise gardens where we are part of the wildlife  . She recently won a gold award for her own garden. Jo believes that permaculture  is a way of helping us live in harmony with ourselves and each other and that we need to be connected in a deep sense to wild nature to do this.

Jo also shares her passion for foraging and speaks about edible plants that can be found at this time of year (December in Southern England) and talks about the benefits of kinesiology. Jo has worked wth community groups for 25 years designing parks and spaces, planting trees and runing environmental projects and is also active in the Transition movement.

I also discuss common flowers that can be found in gardens and local parks/countryside and their messages as flower essences. Flowers discussed in detail are Pansy and Nettle Flower Essences.

To purchase the MoonFlower Pansy Essence please visit the link below:


November 2013

November 29th

Join me Sara in this week’s Nature Connections as I speak to Natural Health Practitioner, Intuitive Healer and Founder of Gentle Green, Hannah Pearson. Hannah speaks about her own personal experience of healing eczema and how she has formulated Gentle Green Soothing Cream from local wild plants. Gentle Green cream won Gold in the Free From Skincare Awards this year (2013). Hannah also discusses the importance for anyone suffering from a skin condition of using and wearing pure organic cotton and how her mother founded Pure Cotton Comfort as a result of helping Hannah as a young child.

This is invaluable listening if you or someone you know suffers from skin allergies and is inspirational for all to take better care of our skin and general health by paying attention and informing ourselves at to the quality of the clothes we wear next to our skin.

I also discuss flower essences that are beneficial for the skin by raising self esteem and confidence and the difference between taking flower essences internally and using them topically.

November 22nd

In this week’s Nature Connections I interview Flower Essence Practitioner and Producer, Shelley Sishton. If you have ever wondered what flower essences really do, then you will be interested to hear Shelley sharing her own personal journey. Shelley also discusses the science behind Flower and Vibrational Medicine and how new developments are evolving in her own life and practice.

I also explore the history of flower essences and situations in which the use of essences may be beneficial.

November 16th 

This week’s Nature Connections show is all about the heart. I interview Author and Life Coach Eoin McCabe. Eoin is an experienced coach and one of the first coach trainers in Ireland.

I also discuss flower essences and essential oils to keep the heart open and peaceful. Valerian, Pink Rose and Rose Quartz Essences can all be purchased via


November 8th

Sara interviews Bee Specialist Brigit Strawbridge who gives tips on how to identify different kinds of bees, discusses reasons for the decline in the bee population and gives practical suggestions to help us all help the bees. In Part Two of the show, Sara talks about different kinds of vibrational essences and in particular Bumblebee Essence. There is a short visualisation where  you are invited to connect with the energy of the bumblebee.

November 8th

In this week’s Nature Connections Show I speak to Singer/Performer and Music Faciliatator Diana de Cabarrus.  I also discuss flower essences and essential oils that can help us all express ourselves more fluently and with more ease when speaking/performing in public and/or just communicating effectively with friends and family.


November 2nd

Join Sara on this week’s Nature Connections show where I will be interviewing Counsellor, Sound Therapist and Therapeutic Voice Practitioner Caroline Barnes. I will also be celebrating the festival of Samhain and discussing essences that can help you align with the season of Autumn and offering 3 practical suggestions to let go and plant new seeds of intention for this new year.


October 2013

October 27th

Join me Sara on my weekly Nature Connections Show where I interview Yoga Instructor Donna Noble. We also discuss being in the energy of “flow” – and I explore 5 ways of connecting daily to your own inner and out flow.


November 20th

In this week’s show we discuss the importance of Being Our Authentic Selves in the world and look at flower essences that can support us to access this inner wisdom and feel safe enough to speak this out to others. We are also joined by Flower Essence Practitioner Sharon Keenan who speaks about her own healing journey and explains how she has been called to co-create her own essence range Of The Essence.


October 17th

In this Nature Connections show, I speak to Tina Van Leuven of Inner Delight. We discuss finding joy in our lives and Tina takes you through a heart felt process to help you follow the Joy Sprinkle Trail in your life.


October 5th

Sara and Penny Calcina of Radiant Health and WellBeing discuss the power of connecting to our breath. I also discuss essences for the season of Autumn and for letting go.


October 4th

In this interview Sara speaks to Jeanette Amlie. Jeanette works with Soul Transformation and weaves her deep connection with the earth elements into all that she does.

I also discuss flower essences for female well-being and how reconnecting ourselves to the nature kingdom opens up enhanced channels of well-being for all.